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About Us

Thalassa PRO is an aesthetician-created line of professional, clinical-grade back bar products, where the essence of the sea meets the science of skincare. Our marine-inspired formulations are born from a deep understanding of the ocean's transformative powers. Harnessing the richness of marine botanicals, seaweed extracts, and other ocean-derived ingredients, Thalassa PRO is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. ​

Our Mission

"At Thalassa PRO, we strive to deliver the highest quality back bar solutions that enhance skin health, inspire confidence, and embody the expertise of dedicated aestheticians."

Our commitment is to empower skincare professionals with meticulously formulated products that merge science and artistry. Thalassa PRO is not just about products; it's about fostering a community where professional skin therapists can thrive, share knowledge, and redefine the boundaries of skincare excellence.

"Every product undergoes rigorous approval from our in-house toxicologist, guaranteeing the highest standard in formulation quality."

Thalassa Formulation
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